EssexStrategic Landscape Character Assessment

AJLA can provide technical analysis of Landscape Character at the broadest level to assist with:

  •  planning policies and decisions and associated spatial frameworks
  • sensitivity & capacity studies for landscapes, townscapes & seascapes
  • land management plans
  • planning for minerals, waterways, renewable energy, forest and woodland strategies and green infrastructure
  • development opportunities and constraints analysis
  • place making


Cumulative ZTVLandscape, Townscape, Seascape and Visual Impact Assessment

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) is a standard process for examining the impacts of a development.  It follows an iterative process by which alternative sites and designs for a development are proposed, assessed, and amended (often referred to as mitigation).  Through this process, LVIA identifies the preferred siting and design option for a development, balancing different environmental issues as well as functional, technical and economic requirements to ensure that development is well situated, designed and sensitive to its location.  Ultimately, the final scheme is assessed for predicted residual impacts on the landscape and visual resource.




CambridgeDevelopment Masterplanning

Successful masterplanning is the key to creating great places.  A clear, considered masterplan, developed by professionals and local people together, can lead to the physical, social and economic revival of places.

AJLA can assist clients with understanding the context of a place and setting the strategic framework for masterplanning.  Key to the success of this, AJLA uses structured techniques to understand what makes an area or place distinct.  This will enable the framework for development to provide a clear and precise vision for the future, while being fully responsive, sympathetic and integrated to its context.  This framework will establish baseline information, relating to the physical, social, economic, heritage and political context and take on board client aspirations and objectives to optimise implementation.  Having done this, the scope of work for the spatial masterplan can be established and the more detailed design and implementation stages can proceed.



2060-1_SK06 2060.1-SK005 A2 (1)Landscape and Urban Design

AJLA can assist clients in the process of place making and with the design and implementation of all aspects associated with the external environment.  AJLA has experience of hard and soft landscapes and has worked on a range of complex schemes, within a range of sensitive landscapes, across the UK.  AJLA will assist clients with all stages of the design process, from site analysis, concept design and the preparation of design guidelines, through to the construction detailing, specification and management of plans to guide the establishment, use and maintenance of these spaces.